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Kekule's line of products are vast and varied. Covering a wide array of therapeutic areas, our products range from key intermediates for nizatidine to bicalutamide to celecoxib. With a strong emphasis on innovative and efficient process development our products conform to the highest standards of quality that we have set for ourselves. Kekule has an in-house designing and fabrication unit that helps us design process equipment to meet the requirements of our novel processes. This unique combination ensures that the lag time from concept through the pilot scale and final production phase is kept to a minimum.

Equipped with a wide array of process equipment that include glass lined, lead bonded, SS reactors of various capacities, all glass distillation and condensation columns combined with peripherals that allow us to operate at temperatures ranging from -15C to 300C and pressure up to 25kg/ and a vacuum up to 1 torr, Kekule has the required capacity, expertise and commitment to meet your demands.

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